A Multiple Document Interface for perl/Tk.

We know that Microsoft is now shunning what some consider to be more of a windows polluter than a window manager. But that didn't stop us! For those of you who want more order in your lives - then may we suggest Tk::Notebook.

There is always the odd request on for such a beast. It took a few months - but here it is.


The best part of this - is a captured Toplevel is used for the child windows. This means you can pack whatever widgets you want into a Tk MDI child! Even a separate menu for each. Window management features include:

This is written in pure perl - no compiling needed! For the Win32 users, we strongly suggest you also install Win32::API. This will allow some native Win32 functionality. If you are using Activestate perl then use ppm to 'install Win32::API'.


HTML docs are here. (They are not pretty as they were generated from POD)


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